20 November 2012


It's amazing how one can do much more when they have that many things to do. The more you try to do, the more you get done. That only show how adaptive we are. Of course that has a certain limit, but in general, busy people tend to accomplish and get more things done than people who do things in their own time.
I can't consider myself a busy person since I'm writing right now. But I do have a lot of essays and presentations to finish. I have including a 25-minute presentation powerpoint to do, all on my own, because my partner decided to ignore me. Oh, well.
I did get a lot of things done this weekend, but I'm so exhausted I can feel my brain slowing down. I'm in some serious need of sleep. I hope I get to finish everything I have to do on wednesday, because otherwise, things will probably not end well for me.
Let me see, tomorrow I have presentation to finish, begin another one and read 3 articles. Sounds good. Oh, and a report to complete. I'll be very optimistic and believe that I'll be able to accomplish all that.

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