7 November 2012

Behind smiles

Walking down the street, I see, people everywhere. Once before I heard people say you can't be more alone in the middle of a crowd. It's true. Here goes little me today, walking through the streets and alleys of this busy city, entertained with my own thoughts. Suddenly I notice that it's a sunny day, among lots of rainy and depressing days. And thus, all my thoughts were kicked a thousand miles away. I started looking around, observing, searching for some small insignificant thing to lighten my day.
Suddenly, a sight drew my mind to a few minutes ago. What I saw was a person smiling as a greeting to another. That simple. what it did was that it flashed my mind to a few minutes ago when I was doing exactly the same thing to a friend of mine, despite my mind being full of worries. Behind the smiles of everyone around, there may be something else going on. Everyone has their own share of problems. World is not fair, no. But everyone, but a fool, has their own share of things to worry about and brood over. Although, everyone has problems to deal with, it is also true that a smile can do a lot of things. A smile lightens the mood. A smile brings warmth. A smile hides the problem underneath. And maybe, with a lot of smiles, the worries won't make one frown so much. Worry and stress is bad for the health, a smile is not. A smile brings positive emotions, and lots of smiles will end up influencing the general mood.
Today, the best little thing that happened to me was to realize that, a smile on a person doesn't mean that they're doing great in life, but even though they have issues to deal with, they keep smiling.
Smile to me, smile to the world, smile to life.

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