23 November 2012

Having Fun

In daily life, fewer and fewer people stop to look around at little things in life that makes it so amazing. Working more time doesn't mean it's more productive. I am the proof of that. If I study two hours in the morning, two in the afternoon and two more at night, I can remember way more things than if I had been studying all day long, which makes it roughly ten hours. Instead of studying in those four hours spare, I could go out and have fun. Having fun is important. The brain gets tired too. Boredom is psychological, but weariness is not. Doing sport is a great way to turn off that part of the brain we use to work or study. It's not exactly turn off, but the result is the same.
Being satisfied is a great way to motivate one to do something. Being happy is also a great way to be efficient.
This week I started to attend a language center. I was really nervous for the first session. But it turned out all well. After the session, I was totally drawn by the rain and arrived home dripping water. But, I was satisfied. Not exactly happy (I don't like being wet and cold), but satisfied. My studies didn't exactly proceed as I expected, but they went well, and I found myself more awake than usually. I realized that the hour and half I spent in the language center and the hour I took going there and coming back, for that two hours and so, I was unconnected to the world. I forgot my problems, I forgot my agenda, I forgot what I had ahead of me. I forgot everything and concentrated one hundred percent on what I was doing. And arriving home was like stepping back into the world again. I felt totally refreshed and very much motivated to study, which these days seem to be a rare event.
Me attending the language center began in my busiest week, which wasn't so convenient. But nonetheless, it was the best thing I could have done this semester. Besides, the language center has a piano that I can play! I'm so glad I now have a place I can play piano again! That alone would make all my hard work worthwhile. Now, my next task is to find time to fit piano training into my packed schedule.
I'm loving this so much I fear my school grades are going to drop. But I hope not, because I'm felling ubermotivated right now XD!

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