10 November 2012


Today I walked by my high school. I was returning home and had to walk a different route. I have passed that street several times, but never during the academic year. I haven't really been to my high school since I graduated. The year next to that, my high school went through some construction and remodeling and is now renewed. But I never got to see how it was inside. I never seem to be around enough time to have a visit. Today, at 6 pm, I walked by that familiar street again. Many students were standing outside talking, waiting for their parents to come and pick them up or just enjoying some time after class. The unfamiliar faces reminded me of my high school times when I used to be the one standing there, among others talking and waiting for my friends to walk home with me. As I got nearer the main gate, I saw someone sitting there playing the guitar. The sound of music brings back memories. Memories of a time I hurried around just to be in time for my music lessons. Old times go, new times come. Today, I hurry around all the day just to stay on track of my little life. Just a piece of unknown music and a familiar sight totally made my day. It was great to bring up some memories, but memories are still just memories and it isn't great to dwell too much on them. So, tomorrow, let it come, new day, new fight and new fun!

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