9 November 2012


Today was overall a depressing day for little me. Reason? Simple. Rain. I can't help but feel depressed when it's raining. It's not about the gray color of the sky, it's just the water, and some times, the cold.
In the afternoon, during the rare occasion that sun decided to show up, I went shopping. Distracted I was, until I walked by a park. A rainbow drew across the trees and buildings. It was the most well defined perfect rainbow I've seen in years. It was beautiful. And that was the best thing that happened to me today.
Arriving home, I wished I could make myself cry. I was in the mood of making myself cry, but not of sadness. I wished something would make me feel so glad I'm alive that I tear up. Unfortunately, I didn't find it today. Sometimes, something as simple as a pop song could make cry over and over again. A few days ago, I hear Mine, by Taylor Swift. A simple, soft beat song, but I felt moved and touched. It somehow made me feel that even when we see things gray, they may not be so. There is still hope in the chaos.
My wish didn't come true today. Well, gladly, I still have tomorrow.

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