12 November 2012

Rocket in the sky

8AM in the morning and I've already seen something to light my day. Well, other than the amazing sunshine, which of course always rises my spirits. I wish I had my camera with me. I was just sitting here trying to study when I heard this sound a lot like a rocket lauching. I look up, and there is something up high in the sky leaving two straight white trails. I was pretty sure it was an aircraft, but it sure didn't look like so. Its cruising speed was amazing so, to me, if that was an aircraft, either it was running (in this case flying) really late or it was military grade. The bright white trail seemed to gleam. It was particularly funny because there were so few clouds this morning, so the origin of that trail, I thought, must be the aircraft itself.
Then again, I look up and watch the clouds with a bit more attention than last time. I just happened to see one looking like a huge bird, opening the wings, to fly or maybe to scare a foe. Was the foe the aircraft that invaded his sky? I wonder.
It's the begining of a new day. And maybe the skies foretell me that this is going to be a fun day.

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