16 November 2012

Rocket science

here I am, 8AM in the morning again. I'm doing some final checks on my essay on Nanodiagnostics and Nanotherapeutics. When people hear Nano, they think, oh science and technology and all kinds of fascinating but incomprehensible things. But then, when you get to really know what nanotechnology is, you get to say, it's simpler than I thought. It's not rocket science. Indeed it's not it just needs a lot of patience, calm and perseverance, which is something I don't have right now. I spent an entire 12 hours this week to write half of my essay, another 3 hours last week I spent brooding over how write stuff down. Plus nearly an hour a day for the entire week to search for part to assemble on my design.
The aim of the essay was to assemble a nanoparticle that contains an antitumoral agent to target brain tumors. Lack of ideas is definitely not my problem, because I have this very very flamboyant kind of imagination. I like to make things very complicated, and very simple and engineered at the same time, but the problem is, to what extent that is applicable. I thought of many things, research on each and every one of them, discarded so many I can't seriously remember all. If I had a few more days, maybe I could come with another brilliant idea, but I think that's enough. Finally, yesterday midnight, I got to finish my essay. After long hours of working on this, I can say I'm finally done.
It's mid November! I'm proud I'm finally done with one of my assignments. Next three weeks and going to be seriously hard to get by. Lots of oral presentations, projects and above all, lab exams are coming. My research project on biochemistry is not going well. I just screwed the second experiment of the year. I hate when things don't go not the least as planned. But let's focus on what's done, not on what's to be done. One step and a time, and we will walk out of this freakish semester! XD

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