18 December 2012


There are a number of things we take for granted. We think, talk and move. Being able to raise a hand or take a step is something we do without thinking, and yet, insignificant things like those are not granted. One of my hobbies, not my favorite one, but most definitely the most meaningful one is to find big wonders in small things in life.
Like I promised, I read "Warm bodies" before watching the movie. The book is a really soft and entertaining reading. The insight of a human that realized his limitations were a very interesting point. I mean, I talk, and think and move and remember. Not everybody does. My mother doesn't. She has a very serious health problem which sometimes makes her forget things, sometimes say unthinkable things. And many many times, she can't express what is on her mind. I mean, I can understand what she wants to say, but her words are randomly put together, not obey word order, many times suppressing a lot of syllables, or even words. She can't walk straight, she can't walk staircases. She gets dizzy if she turns her head in a normal speed. She can't write because she has no command of her right hand, and she used to be dexterous. 
Today, I am alive, not only I am alive, I'm also healthy (at least for now). I can think, talk, walk, write, eat all on my own. The miracle of wanting to move a finger and being able to do so is one thing worth to remember. The miracle of expressing ourselves and to be understood is something great.
Miracles do happen, daily. 

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