2 December 2012

November gone

November was supposed to be my most hellish month every year, but this year, things are different. Turns out that December will be my hellish month for at least this year and the next. Meaning, November gone, December is here, and so I should be hella busy studying. I'm sort of freaking out right now because I'm going to have lab exams to which I have no idea how to pass. And, honestly, I can absolutely not flunk any of them. I've never ever flunked any exam before (except for the very much expected piano exam). And, after these many years of stuggling in the system and coping with it, I can't afford to flunk one now. My mind hasn't really been into the contents of my classes, which is the reason I'm stressing. I never tried to do so many things at the same time. It reminds me just a bit of my first two highschool years. The only difference is, now, even though I have roughly the same amount of things to do, I have to take more responsibility for them. So, the sun is shining like there's no tomorrow, and I shall go on my routine trip. I do hope that I can manage to have everything studied and known on time. But one thing is to hope, another thing is to do. Hoping eventually, if you are really really lucky, will get things done. But doing or at least getting started, will probably increase substantially the chances that things will go as we want them to go. Though change is way quicker than the plans, it's always good to know what we are doing and hold some cards on our hand.

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