31 January 2013

Searching for a place

There's a place for us (Carrie Underwood)

There's a place out there for us
More than just a prayer or anything you've ever dreamed of
So when you feel like giving up, 'cause you don't fit in down here
Fear is crashing in, close your eyes and take my hand, yeah

We can be the kings and queens of anything if we believe
It's written in the stars that shine above
A world where you and I belong where, faith and love will keep us strong
Exactly who we are is just enough

There's a place for us
There's a place for us

When the water meets the sky
Where your heart is free and hope comes back to life
When these broken hands are whole again
We'll find what we've been waiting for, we were made for so much more

We can be the kings and queens of anything if we believe
It's written in the stars that shine above
A world where you and I belong, where faith and love will keep us strong
Exactly who we are is just enough

There's a place for us
There's a place for us

So hold on, hold on
There's a place for us

We can be the kings and queens of anything if we believe
It's written in the stars that shine above
A world where you and I belong, where faith and love will keep us strong
Exactly who we are is just enough

Exactly who we are is just enough
There's a place for us

This is the song that came to my mind when I was planning to write about my life from my point of view today. Today, a lot of crap happened. One of them was my exam results. Some of them were expected, some of them took me by surprise. It wasn't a nice surprise. Four years into college and I had my lowest grade this semester, not to mention I nearly flunked in the lab. That was a real slap on the face.
I always knew my place in the world. I was always the kid with good grades whose existence would only be noticed when the exams and tests were knocking on the door. Now, I'm kinda feeling lost. I'm not that kid anymore. The meaning of my existence to other people is gone, so what the hell am I doing here? For the first time in my little life, I'm searching for something so abstract that I even doubt it exists. I'm searching for my place in the world. Who I am, where I stand and where I want to go. I want answers.
Life isn't alway kind to us. Today, in my eyes, life was painted red. Red of anger, resentment, revolt, fury, rage. I wanted to scream to hit someone or something, but that won't change anything. Things happened. I cried and moved on. Why torture myself with something that won't be changed? Tomorrow will surely be better than today, and if not, the day after that may be.
Until I get my answers, until I find my place, I shall keep myself together, stand tall and walk on strong.


27 January 2013

SpeXial快歌主打「Super Style」HD官方完整版MV( Official MV)

I didn't think I liked this song, until I heard a couple more times, now I just can't stop. This band is a new band and also my newest addiction.
During this hellish period of exams I did need an upbeat song to lift my spirits, and here it is. I hope this song is good enough to keep me awake for a couple more hours. Tired, but totally hiped up because of this song. And to think that no matter if they are talented or not, if the song is good or not, they worked hard to put this song out, so will I work hard towards my goal. Everybody go!

24 January 2013

(Psy) Gangnam Style - Sungha Jung

He can make the hottest dance music this season sound so much more fun!!

11 January 2013

How much does health cost?

I was very calmly reading about the traineeships opportunities that opened for the European Commission (which is by the way a nice opportunity to earn some money and extracurricular credit, and for any college graduate who might be interested, here is the link http://ec.europa.eu/stages/index_en.htm)
Suddenly I remember about the salary table for Pharmacists were about to change. So, I went looking for the old one and the new one for comparison. I ended up only finding one of them, but that's not the point. Meanwhile, I stumbled on a news article from a Brazilian website. The article was form January 2011. It referred that in 2010, the pharmacist was one of the top professions in the US. It was the 19th best profession, taking into account the salary, working conditions, stress, work load and others. What was next was the best paid profession in the US.
So the top one were: Surgeon, General Clinic doctor, Psychiatrist, Dentist, Orthodontist, Pharmacist, Ophthalmologist. The only others were Petrol engineer, Aerospace engineer and Economist.
Among the best paid jobs, 7 were health related. I say, of course the government isn't paying all that, so the money must come from our own pockets. I mean, even if you have health insurance package, you are still paying for that insurance when you are not sick. That gives you a picture of, people die not just because they have an incurable disease, they die because they have no money. There is just something wrong about that. Developing drugs and all the health care should ideally be free of charge, but since the world is not perfect, we must pay for that. I used to think that working in health care would be somewhat a noble profession. I find myself questioning that a lot lately. Not wanting to make a political statement of any kind, but I really think capitalism put a price tag on everything in existence.
But there are things that mustn't be tagged. You shouldn't be able to sell your soul or your conscience, you shouldn't be able to sell health, but that is what happens. This is not right, but then again, change is hard, but not impossible. I hope sincerely that one day I'll see healthcare and other essential things and services provided free of charge.

8 January 2013

Cloud Atlas Sextet

Did you watch the movie? When you heard that simple piano melody from Cloud Atlas Sextet, did you feel overwhelmed and blown away? I did.
When words are not enough to describe the feelings and emotions.

Cloud Atlas Sextet
End title

Full Sound track playlist in here.

Anime Nfo Radio

Anime Nfo Radio
Best study partner ever! Great company, doesn't nag you to keep you studying. Helps you take a break and sing along a song you like. Doesn't talk back when you whine and complain.

It's been a long time since the last time I tuned in, but still love it to keep me company when studying. But for anyone who's not a loser like me that has to geekishly study like all the time (while watching anime and listening to radio though), it's still a great radio to listen to. Even if you don't actually like anime or videogames, even if you are not much into japanese culture, there are still some great music playing. So check it out and enjoy.
And if you like it, don't forget to root for it by donating.
(Note: just my opinion here. Not advertising or anything. I'm not affiliated with the radio, just a common user.)

7 January 2013

Chanterelle soup (w/Tofu)

Ingredients (serves 4):
Chanterelles (choose to your liking. more or less 100 grs is ok for 4.)
Shrimp 50 grs Tofu 350 grs
Tomato 1 medium size
Coriander (to your liking)
Chicken or any other meat stock
Corn starch 5 tsp

Chop the Chanterelles, Shrimp and tomato into small pieces.
Mince coriander.
Quick fry all and add the stock until it covers all the ingredients.
Chop tofu into small cubes and add to the soup. Season to your liking (salt, pepper, tomato paste, anise or other).
Put the corn starch in a bowl and add about 75 mL of water. Mix it well and stir it into the boiling soup.
Stir until the soup boils again.

I just bought chanterelles recently and decided that I wanted to eat them with tofu. As it was my first time buying those mushrooms, I searched the internet looking for recipes. But, I didn't find anything to my liking so I decided to make one of my own. It turned out pretty tasty, so you are welcome to try. I'm so happy that this experimental recipe turned out so well. Yes!!!

6 January 2013

We are here

Sometimes words cannot express what one feels. "This is our land" by Epic Score, is what best expresses what I'm feeling today. This is our world, we belong right here. For even the shortest of the moments, I want to feel invincible, like I can do anything I set to do.

5 January 2013

Flowers in a Riot of Color (乱红)

Every single time I listen to this piece of music, I let my soul take a break. It makes me feel like a leaf, floating in the air, going with the wind. It makes me see the bigger picture and not bother with insignificant things. The most important thing is that we are here. That's what matters the most. The world goes on and on, but right now, we are here.

3 January 2013

New Year and other things

Here goes little me again, stepping into this new year with an exam waiting for me. I should have spent the previous two weeks studying but I decided not to, and today is the day I see how much fate favors me. Moving forward. It's January, it's sunny and it's not cold. What are the odds? I mean, wow, global warming is starting not to slip by unnoticed. January is supposed to be the coldest month of the year, but now it's quite sunny and I don't have any use for my leather jacket because it's too hot to wear it. This year is the firs year I didn't write down any new year resolutions. I mean, I can't think of any, and didn't had the time to think about them either. My life is nowhere near perfect, but I'm sort of tired of trying to accomplish my new year resolutions, that most of the times never come true. Laziness it taking over. Moving on. This year, I noticed something. Habits are habits, and I've been commuting this way for four years now, but sometimes, when looking around I see differents things, new things, little things that make the difference through out the times. I mean, looking at the same thing over and over again, and someday finding a detail that was never noticed before can be sort of fun. It's not much of a game or enjoyable as traveling, but when it's absolutely necessary to go through the same places everyday, it's nice to find something to enjoy, as little as that may be.