11 January 2013

How much does health cost?

I was very calmly reading about the traineeships opportunities that opened for the European Commission (which is by the way a nice opportunity to earn some money and extracurricular credit, and for any college graduate who might be interested, here is the link http://ec.europa.eu/stages/index_en.htm)
Suddenly I remember about the salary table for Pharmacists were about to change. So, I went looking for the old one and the new one for comparison. I ended up only finding one of them, but that's not the point. Meanwhile, I stumbled on a news article from a Brazilian website. The article was form January 2011. It referred that in 2010, the pharmacist was one of the top professions in the US. It was the 19th best profession, taking into account the salary, working conditions, stress, work load and others. What was next was the best paid profession in the US.
So the top one were: Surgeon, General Clinic doctor, Psychiatrist, Dentist, Orthodontist, Pharmacist, Ophthalmologist. The only others were Petrol engineer, Aerospace engineer and Economist.
Among the best paid jobs, 7 were health related. I say, of course the government isn't paying all that, so the money must come from our own pockets. I mean, even if you have health insurance package, you are still paying for that insurance when you are not sick. That gives you a picture of, people die not just because they have an incurable disease, they die because they have no money. There is just something wrong about that. Developing drugs and all the health care should ideally be free of charge, but since the world is not perfect, we must pay for that. I used to think that working in health care would be somewhat a noble profession. I find myself questioning that a lot lately. Not wanting to make a political statement of any kind, but I really think capitalism put a price tag on everything in existence.
But there are things that mustn't be tagged. You shouldn't be able to sell your soul or your conscience, you shouldn't be able to sell health, but that is what happens. This is not right, but then again, change is hard, but not impossible. I hope sincerely that one day I'll see healthcare and other essential things and services provided free of charge.

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