25 February 2013

Being happy

More and more people are suffering from depression, as a clinical condition. I even recon in mysel signs of slight depression, but I think I'm still far from being considered clinically as depressed.
Do not understimate depression. I heard from a friend researching on this subject that depression is one of the most debilitating conditions. People don't notice depression or are too shy to seek a doctor until it's too severe not to treat it. Some scientists call into question whether current antidepressants exert any pharmacological effect. Groups of scientists are still tackling the physiopathology of depression. Leaving the science aside, why is depression sounding more and more like an urban epidemic disease?
It affects people all over the world, from different classes, different races, different ages.
This is my question: Is it that difficult to be happy?
My answer: No.

It is only as difficult as we make it. We have so much yet we want more. Have you ever heard of a beggar suffering from depression? I have yet to hear about such a thing. They have nothing, yet are they depressed about it?
There are people more prone to depression, but there are people who are immune to depression. I believe so. It depends on the personality. Where one person sees a failure, another sees an opportunity to do better next time. Where one person gets frustrated over uncompleted work or unaccomplished tasks, another accepts the fact and moves on to do better next time.

Accepting failure is part of life. I saw a post on Facebook some days ago. "Life is a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. But it's your choice to scream or enjoy the ride." It's true. It's our choice to be happy or not. I know people don't tend to be happy when they fail, but accepting the fact is part of life. Learning to accept reality is important to move on. Time goes on, it doesn't wait for anyone, and I think no one wants to miss that ride.

Humans are social animals. Over time, we are bound to meet more people. Among them, we are bound to meet people we don't like, we are bound to raise conflict. Different people have different opinions and points of view, different personalities. They can make us feel angry, frustrated, misunderstood, disappointed. But when that happens, please, forgive them. I know how that feels all too well, but forgiving those people is forgiving yourself. Why punish yourself for something other people did wrong? If one is able to forgive, one is able to let go of the anger and all negative feelings. Forgiving is a way to let go, a way to inner peace.

Have you ever felt tired right at the beginning of a day? What about at the end of a day? Take care and notice, do you feel tired when you have a pile of tasks to do or when you have concluded a ton of tasks? I think, one would expect it to be the later, but psychologically, we do feel tired because of things we have yet to do, not because of things we've already done. Having concluded a task gives you a sense of conclusion, satisfaction and accomplishment. That is the key to selfpraise. Feeling down right now? Think about everything that you accomplished. The more you try to do, the more you can do. Success is something that gives off positive feelings, but success needs investment. It requires hard work. Even if you work hard, it may not pay off, that's the reality, but you think the other way around. If you don't work hard, it will never pay off. Take your chances. It you don't try you'll be left with regrets that you might not even know they were there. Leaving no regrets is facing forward.

We are bound to grow old. Have you noticed how happy children can be? Why can't we? We have to worry about more stuff, we have society's restrain. True. But, who says children don't have their own worries? They just manage to find happiness in the small things. If you look hard into your routine, you might find something that's different everyday. It makes every day a unique day. If it's so unique, why shouldn't we celebrate it? Adults are too used to the world, too used to society. Don't ignore the small things. There was an Avril Lavigne song in which there was a lyrics refering to the "Little things that make life great." Being happy is not hard, not expensive, does not take too much time. It takes a person with open heart and mind. Happiness can be found. You just need too be looking for it. Don't be too demanding, that's not realistic.
Today, I bought a cake. I love to eat cake. The last one I ate was on my birthday. I don't get to eat cake too often because they are rather expensive. But today, I got my chance to enjoy some delicious cake. What more, the sun was shinining outside lifting my mood quite much. Today, something as simple as eating cake made happy. Don't ask too much, I'd rather be more times happy than more times disappointed.

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