2 February 2013


It's my birthday today. I do wonder how many people would remember my birthday if it wasn't for Facebook. Truth to be told, I only remember a handful of birthday dates. They have all been my best friends once. I mean, remembering the date doesn't mean I'll remember it's their birthday when the day comes. Funny thing how I always remember when my own birthday is. It's been a while, but I have been thinking of forgetting about my own birthday. I mean, it's all right and I feel happy when it's my birthday, but if we see it through, it's just an ordinary day like any other. Ordinary and yet, spectacular at the same time.
This year, one of my best friends sent me another AMV with Yui's Happy birthday to you you. I still remember how this song stepped into my life and my best friend's life.
It was when FMA brotherhood was still airing. She showed me a Again, by Yui, which was  used in the anime. I liked it so decided I would search for that music and in the process, I decided to also google for some more of Yui's music. That led me to find this birthday song. I mentally archived the information. On her birthday, I sent her the song. She was very surprised to find out that Yui had this song and she liked it so much, it's been a tradition ever since. She would send me a new MV with that song on my birthday every year.

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