11 February 2013

Growing up

Gathering with two of my friends made realize how age really can explain certain behavior.
I have a friend A who's a teenager, around sixteen, seventeen-ish.She just swears and uses slang like all the time, as part of ordinary talking. That kind of language is the split image of myself when I was her age. Slang was my break fast, lunch and dinner. I only refrained myself from saying as much in from of teachers (some) and maybe my parents. Around that time, my friend B who was around ten-ish,  used to ask me not to use slang. Now, she is stepping into that juvenile teenage drama period when for some reason people develop a liking for slang.
I think it's probably a stage in life we go through. And, surely all the hormonal storm helps. Around then, we probably think we are great and we are proud of ourselves, for no reason in particular. We want to show that we don't give a damn about the world because we are some kind of uncomprehended geniuses.Truth is, we are not, but we don't need to know that yet. I believe that period is about the most shallow period in a human's life.
Now I moved on from using slang as my chewing gum. I still get angry, and I still feel the way I felt when I was in high school, but dealing with the problem is my priority now, because slang as much as it might make me feel better, it doesn't help. That gathering made me realize that I've grown up. I'm sure both of my friends will grow up.
Growing up is good, I just wished I could grow up and keep the same childish heart at a corner of my conscious mind. Grown-up tend to forget how simple happiness can be, and I really want that child me to remind me how life can be wonderful.

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