18 February 2013


Have you ever wished you have superpowers? I have. Actually, I'm wishing it right now.
New semester starts with a lot of classes, family drama and a lot of work. I just made my timetable for the next five months, and I have to say. I'm scared. The schedule is totally packed. Right now, I wish I was superwoman, to be able to have superspeed so I don't have to spend so much time commuting. I wish I didn't have to sleep or eat. I wish had photographic memory, which I don't have, but some people have.
My to do list is permanently full. There are a lot more things that I wanted to do, but I know I won't have time for them, so I don't even bother putting them on my to do list.
Other than my usual 24 hours of classes weekly, I have to spend 10 to 15 hours on project. Take three hours out to part time job (plus two hours walking time) a week. I still have online japanese and professional english courses (which I'm putting on hold as of now.) Have to take out one day a week to take care of my mom and let my dad go to work. Take one morning to weekly shopping for food and other things, how many hours do I have left? Eight and half hours per day are for sleeping and I'm already cutting on the time for my meals. How much time do I have left for study?
The only way to not get scared is to not think about it. Semester hasn't officially started for me yet. Tomorrow is the beginning of a race against time. Let's just see for how long I'm going to keep up. I don't want to be barely safe. I want to be the best. Till then, baby steps. As Chinese say, steady drop hollows a stone. Hopefully, I'll get there. (With or without superpowers.)

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