31 March 2013

Designing Life: Should Babies Be Genetically Engineered? | LiveScience

Designing Life: Should Babies Be Genetically Engineered? | Designer Babies | LiveScience

Reading this keeps reminding me how insightful science fiction writers are, or how inspirational the scientists can get. I mean, several hundreds of years ago, no one would imagine a flying transportation. Now, traveling by air is very common. If we have the technology to genetically modify cells, it's is perfectly feasible to be able to genetically engineer babies. Maybe not now, exactly, but in the recent future. The door is open, the question lies in whether we choose to cross that invisible line.

30 March 2013

Under the sunshine

Wow, wow and wow. (Not world of warcraft, no.) It's because of today's weather. Yesterday it was heavy rain with wind and a pretty much greyish depressing day. But today, it's all clear and sunny and even warm. It's like going from winter to nearly summer over night. I went shopping today, like any girl would do. I don't like to spend money on unnecessary things, the reason I felt so bad for buying new shoes, again. I think I'm kinda turning into a spendthrift. If I was miserably poor and in need of budgeting to make ends meet, it would be a pretty bad thing. But given that I'm not, it's a good thing to buy stuff if it lightens the mood, even if it's unnecessary.
I have a good feeling today. I feel like I'm going to accomplish many things. Starting with organizing my notes. I know it's saturday, it's weekend, and what more it's even holidays! But, I have a lot of work to do and the rain wasn't really helping with the mood and motivation. It's paradoxal that in a rainy day, when I have to stay home, I just can't do anything of worth. I can only watch TV or read a novel. Then, on a sunny day, it's a good day to go out, and it's also a day that I feel like working. So, now decide between work and play. Mostly I'd choose to work, because I tend to waste too much time on greyish days for me to be able to afford going out. But today, I'm planning to do both. It's a bit hard, but maybe a bit more concentration and effort I'll be able to do both.
Hurray for the sunny days and let them stay for the next few days. (I should probably be searching for a way to not get so affected by the weather...)

Under the heavy rain

It has been raining a lot in the last few days. Every time I get out of the house I get totally soaked. I wouldn't mind the rain, if it wasn't for the wind. I wouldn't mind the wind either if there was no rain. But those two together makes it impossible to get out.
Today I had to go catch the train and was pretty bad humored to wake up to the sound of wind and rain. I waited till the rain pause for a brief while to get going. Of course I wouldn't be so lucky as to get to my destination without rain falling on me. It starts to rain when I was walking in a very much open square, no place to hide from the rain, all I could do was hold my umbrella and just keep going. Rain dripped from the umbrella to my boots and pants and even my hair. My coat was only slightly wet. Luckily, I found a place to hide not long after. And with that, I failed to catch that train. I found a store with a small hall outside its doors, making it the perfect place to hide from rain for a while. I leaned back and decided to just enjoy the view. Just like view of a raging sea, the heavy rain calms me down when I'm outdoors but just looking at it, not walking under it. On the other hand, if I were to be at home, I'd feel totally depressed watching the rain fall. I wonder what make the difference. I had to take twenty minutes of my time to wait till the storm passed to give way to drizzle. Meanwhile, another passerby came and stayed for the same reason as me. We were silently watching the rain for a few minutes. Somehow, we managed to have a short and nice conversation. After the storm passed, we parted ways. It lifted my mood though. I thought about all the chance encounters one could have in a life, (in which I decided to count this one in) and felt incredibly happy.
Chance encounters are events I prize very much. It doesn't mean I have to remain friends or aquaintances to the person, at least, most of the times I don't bother with such. It just gives me another angle on the world, another view and a lot of inspiration. Today because of those scarce sentences we exchanged, I found myself with a very interesting light novel opening line and plot. How amazing is that? Such little things in life can make a lot of difference. Cheers! To life and to chance encounters under the rain.

26 March 2013

Things to look forward to

It's been a really long time since the last time I wrote so much. I haven't had time to just sit down and let my thoughts flow. Today, I had that chance. In retrospective, I've seen how much I've grown and matured. I have a better understanding of the world. In prospective, on the other hand, there are a lot of things to do, and a lot of things I'm looking forward to.
First of all, The Host, movie adaptation from Stephenie Meyer's book is coming out in the theatres. I've been waiting for this movie for nearly two years. Ever since the day I finished reading the book that I knew there was going to be a movie and I'd want to watch it.
Second, there is a chance to apply for an internship in a foreign country that I'd love to try. I think it would be a really great experience, specially when I like to travel so much.
Third, I'm looking forward to go shopping with my friends. I'm not the shopping type person, but since I'm having a hard time finding what I want, going with friends might help, or just make it a catching up session.
Fourth, I'm looking forward to go borrow the book for this Easter reading. It's hard to find an interesting enough book for me to read on train trips. Mostly, I just fall asleep after a few pages. (Nice strategy for insomnia)
There's always something to look forward to. Even after a bad day, or should I say, specially after a bad day? XD

Reasonable mind

I've been pretty much depressed all day. No reason in particular, just the horrible weather that makes me feel this way. The grey skies, the rain, the cold that infiltrates even the bones and the wind made this day one of the few depressing days this year. On these days, I usually find a book to read. Today, I decided to take a little retrospective into the last few days of my life.
I've realized recently that there has been a lot of philosophy quotes circulating around facebook recently. It's not the message they convey that surprises me but the people who make them circulate. People see likes, comments and share of friends, friends of friends and meaningful messages have been dropping into my new feeds a lot lately. So I decided to take a deep breath and take in all those messages. Take for instance "Don't count the days, make the days count." or "If plan 'A' didn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters." In a world that seems to go more sideways by each day, these messages really make my day. It may be true, and maybe everyone knows it, but it's not easy to always remember it. Sometimes when life seems so hard it can't get worse, when nothing seems to be going well, we often forget that maybe we've already been through worse and other days will be better for sure. It's okay to feel angry, sad, frustrated, and all, but letting it get in the way, that's not a smart choice. People don't always make smart choices, true. But let's keep those times to a minimum. It's good for us, it's good for the people that surrounds us, it's good for the world (maybe).
Due to my recently found sudden interest in world news, I've been reading the newspaper. To be exact, I read all the newspapers that were in the waiting area of the workshop I left my car in. I had to wait for about an hour and half, so I had a lot of time to spare for a change. From reports of crimes to the economic crisis, from the election of the new pope to celebrity gossip. I read about nearly everything, except to sports section. I didn't find anything that would interest me in that section, this time. All I thought about after reading all that was: Damn, the world seems a whole different place when you look from above. Everything has an angle. As impartial as we try to be, there is always a different way of interpreting the reality. The more I read the news, the more I feel worlds apart from the reality described in the news. I mean, it is true, most of what they show, but only part of the truth. The part that is not normal, the part that is not supposed to be, for good or for bad. And for some reason, most of the news brings something bad. What is this fascination with the tragic?! I quote a movie script "What you see, what you hear, nothing is what it seems." It is true, if one stops to think, what is behind those footages? Why those footages. If it's normal and peaceful, there is no need to make it news. People are more and more about the effect the information or misinformation causes and less and less about the content itself. When people look at the news, they see the paint of a different world, a biased one, usually only one side of the story, with a lot of holes in it. So don't be too carried away.

When things seems too overwhelming, take a deep breath and think for yourself. What's the bigger picture? In this bigger picture, does this particular one detail matter? Hear between the pauses and not just listen, see between the line and not just watch. There is plenty to discover, there is plenty to experience.

20 March 2013

Start fresh

March is half way through and I feel like it has barely begun. Spring is slowly stepping in, a new season, a new era. Everything evolves, the air seems to be different.
It's sunny out there and I just finished an assignment. I feel quite accomplished. I know it's not much concluding an assignment, but for starters, it is useful to cheer me up. It's been a long while since I felt this confident about myself. I miss the old me, and I think I'm starting to find her back.
Sitting with my colleagues, we talked about the lastest news, about trips. Specially trips. Sun tends to make me think about traveling. Apparently it has about the same effect on most of my colleagues too.
So I'm starting to plan for our graduation trip, that is if we are going to be able to make it work. I think I'm going to want a job right after graduation, but god knows. Maybe I'll even stay unemployed after graduation. But, a trip does always good to shut the mind from society dramas. It doesn't matter where, as long as it takes the mind of the worries and concerns for a while, it does you good. Does me good.
I've grown over the last few years. Actually I've always been growing. The world looks slightly different and yet, it's the same world. But, it's the slight and sometimes not so slight that make the life so worth living. Today, I feel part of this world. Today, I feel alive and happy.
I turned a page in my life today, but this one was worth turning. Focusing on my accomplishments and not letting the yet to come diminish any of my enthusiasm.

Rest of my life be ready, 'cause I'm coming. XD

12 March 2013

Becoming A Legend

Becoming a legend by John Dreamer
Believe in yourself. You will overcome all the obstacles as long as you persevere. Keep going.

4 March 2013

Five stages of grief

I've heard many times about the expression but never really bothered to think about it too much. Today, I decided to read a bit about it. It's a Kübler-Ross model about the five 'stages' or emotion one goes through when confronted with a death or other awful situations.
I decided to look it up because I was very clearly confronted with one of the five stages of grief: Anger. Both mine and my mother's. She suffers from cancer. It's not that rare nowadays. It's been quite a while since she was diagnosed with the condition. I never really realized how deadly cancer can be, but through the last few years, I witnessed how incapacitating and how discouraging it can be. Back then, I think all my family was in denial, the first stage. I wonder if we will eventually go through all five stages. From denial, to anger, three years passed. Now, I'm confronted with the very real possibility that my mother might not survive this. Honestly, it doesn't feel like anything I've experienced. It feels totally empty, void. I'm not too sure if my mother is still in Anger stage or she already gone into Depression. Bargain is a highly improbable stage. We never believed in a higher power, at least not me, and reality tells me that there is no one I can bargain for life. I'm concerned that my mother is showing signs of depression. Because I don't want her to stop fighting, not yet, even though it feels a lot like she's already given up. Acceptance is one stage I refuse anyone in our family to go into until it's absolutely too late.
Honestly I have to say it's quite an accurate model. Even though I'm probably grieving unconsciously, I'm glad I research a bit about it. When knowing, people tend to be more rational and calm down. Now that I know what the five stages of grief are, I can make peace with myself and find a better way to deal with it. We learn something every day, some times nice and interesting things, some times more gloomy. But, every day is a day and tomorrow is a new day. Lives are meant to be lived, it might as well end tomorrow, but today, we all lived.

2 March 2013

Super woman candidate

Trying to become superwoman is not exactly the easiest thing in the world. I got a taste of it and most definitely dropped out. My new semester in college is pretty much insane. Twos weeks into it, and I'm already so full of work it seems like the end of it. Second week into it, and I'm already sick of overworking myself. Being sick sucks for everyone. Sucks even more because not only you don't really want to do anything, but still, you have to do it. Rushing essays and assignments while keeping lesson notes up to date is becoming a full time job. I mean, being a student is a full time job. You can't really just leave college and leave the work there, it's just not possible, that is, unless you're not the least worried about passing the exam.
I wanted to celebrate my last week of freedom by going to the Student Association anniversary party, but my body is very good at blackmailing me. That very day, it blackmailed me with a sore throat and a teary left eye and a running nose. *Sighs* No party for little me.
The only thing I can see of good in all of this is that, if I survive this semester successfully, I'll be up to bigger challenges in the future. Well, maybe there is another good thing. After I get better from my flu, I'll be immune to flu this season. One would want to be sick earlier than later. It would be way worse if I got sick during exam period.
No need to complain too much, one should always think positive. Happiness might even shoo the virus away. Also, this way, I get to date my bed, as I intended for a long time. One cannot be too greedy and not sacrifice anything. One step at a time and we'll get there.