26 March 2013

Reasonable mind

I've been pretty much depressed all day. No reason in particular, just the horrible weather that makes me feel this way. The grey skies, the rain, the cold that infiltrates even the bones and the wind made this day one of the few depressing days this year. On these days, I usually find a book to read. Today, I decided to take a little retrospective into the last few days of my life.
I've realized recently that there has been a lot of philosophy quotes circulating around facebook recently. It's not the message they convey that surprises me but the people who make them circulate. People see likes, comments and share of friends, friends of friends and meaningful messages have been dropping into my new feeds a lot lately. So I decided to take a deep breath and take in all those messages. Take for instance "Don't count the days, make the days count." or "If plan 'A' didn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters." In a world that seems to go more sideways by each day, these messages really make my day. It may be true, and maybe everyone knows it, but it's not easy to always remember it. Sometimes when life seems so hard it can't get worse, when nothing seems to be going well, we often forget that maybe we've already been through worse and other days will be better for sure. It's okay to feel angry, sad, frustrated, and all, but letting it get in the way, that's not a smart choice. People don't always make smart choices, true. But let's keep those times to a minimum. It's good for us, it's good for the people that surrounds us, it's good for the world (maybe).
Due to my recently found sudden interest in world news, I've been reading the newspaper. To be exact, I read all the newspapers that were in the waiting area of the workshop I left my car in. I had to wait for about an hour and half, so I had a lot of time to spare for a change. From reports of crimes to the economic crisis, from the election of the new pope to celebrity gossip. I read about nearly everything, except to sports section. I didn't find anything that would interest me in that section, this time. All I thought about after reading all that was: Damn, the world seems a whole different place when you look from above. Everything has an angle. As impartial as we try to be, there is always a different way of interpreting the reality. The more I read the news, the more I feel worlds apart from the reality described in the news. I mean, it is true, most of what they show, but only part of the truth. The part that is not normal, the part that is not supposed to be, for good or for bad. And for some reason, most of the news brings something bad. What is this fascination with the tragic?! I quote a movie script "What you see, what you hear, nothing is what it seems." It is true, if one stops to think, what is behind those footages? Why those footages. If it's normal and peaceful, there is no need to make it news. People are more and more about the effect the information or misinformation causes and less and less about the content itself. When people look at the news, they see the paint of a different world, a biased one, usually only one side of the story, with a lot of holes in it. So don't be too carried away.

When things seems too overwhelming, take a deep breath and think for yourself. What's the bigger picture? In this bigger picture, does this particular one detail matter? Hear between the pauses and not just listen, see between the line and not just watch. There is plenty to discover, there is plenty to experience.

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