20 March 2013

Start fresh

March is half way through and I feel like it has barely begun. Spring is slowly stepping in, a new season, a new era. Everything evolves, the air seems to be different.
It's sunny out there and I just finished an assignment. I feel quite accomplished. I know it's not much concluding an assignment, but for starters, it is useful to cheer me up. It's been a long while since I felt this confident about myself. I miss the old me, and I think I'm starting to find her back.
Sitting with my colleagues, we talked about the lastest news, about trips. Specially trips. Sun tends to make me think about traveling. Apparently it has about the same effect on most of my colleagues too.
So I'm starting to plan for our graduation trip, that is if we are going to be able to make it work. I think I'm going to want a job right after graduation, but god knows. Maybe I'll even stay unemployed after graduation. But, a trip does always good to shut the mind from society dramas. It doesn't matter where, as long as it takes the mind of the worries and concerns for a while, it does you good. Does me good.
I've grown over the last few years. Actually I've always been growing. The world looks slightly different and yet, it's the same world. But, it's the slight and sometimes not so slight that make the life so worth living. Today, I feel part of this world. Today, I feel alive and happy.
I turned a page in my life today, but this one was worth turning. Focusing on my accomplishments and not letting the yet to come diminish any of my enthusiasm.

Rest of my life be ready, 'cause I'm coming. XD

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