2 March 2013

Super woman candidate

Trying to become superwoman is not exactly the easiest thing in the world. I got a taste of it and most definitely dropped out. My new semester in college is pretty much insane. Twos weeks into it, and I'm already so full of work it seems like the end of it. Second week into it, and I'm already sick of overworking myself. Being sick sucks for everyone. Sucks even more because not only you don't really want to do anything, but still, you have to do it. Rushing essays and assignments while keeping lesson notes up to date is becoming a full time job. I mean, being a student is a full time job. You can't really just leave college and leave the work there, it's just not possible, that is, unless you're not the least worried about passing the exam.
I wanted to celebrate my last week of freedom by going to the Student Association anniversary party, but my body is very good at blackmailing me. That very day, it blackmailed me with a sore throat and a teary left eye and a running nose. *Sighs* No party for little me.
The only thing I can see of good in all of this is that, if I survive this semester successfully, I'll be up to bigger challenges in the future. Well, maybe there is another good thing. After I get better from my flu, I'll be immune to flu this season. One would want to be sick earlier than later. It would be way worse if I got sick during exam period.
No need to complain too much, one should always think positive. Happiness might even shoo the virus away. Also, this way, I get to date my bed, as I intended for a long time. One cannot be too greedy and not sacrifice anything. One step at a time and we'll get there.

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