26 March 2013

Things to look forward to

It's been a really long time since the last time I wrote so much. I haven't had time to just sit down and let my thoughts flow. Today, I had that chance. In retrospective, I've seen how much I've grown and matured. I have a better understanding of the world. In prospective, on the other hand, there are a lot of things to do, and a lot of things I'm looking forward to.
First of all, The Host, movie adaptation from Stephenie Meyer's book is coming out in the theatres. I've been waiting for this movie for nearly two years. Ever since the day I finished reading the book that I knew there was going to be a movie and I'd want to watch it.
Second, there is a chance to apply for an internship in a foreign country that I'd love to try. I think it would be a really great experience, specially when I like to travel so much.
Third, I'm looking forward to go shopping with my friends. I'm not the shopping type person, but since I'm having a hard time finding what I want, going with friends might help, or just make it a catching up session.
Fourth, I'm looking forward to go borrow the book for this Easter reading. It's hard to find an interesting enough book for me to read on train trips. Mostly, I just fall asleep after a few pages. (Nice strategy for insomnia)
There's always something to look forward to. Even after a bad day, or should I say, specially after a bad day? XD

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