30 March 2013

Under the heavy rain

It has been raining a lot in the last few days. Every time I get out of the house I get totally soaked. I wouldn't mind the rain, if it wasn't for the wind. I wouldn't mind the wind either if there was no rain. But those two together makes it impossible to get out.
Today I had to go catch the train and was pretty bad humored to wake up to the sound of wind and rain. I waited till the rain pause for a brief while to get going. Of course I wouldn't be so lucky as to get to my destination without rain falling on me. It starts to rain when I was walking in a very much open square, no place to hide from the rain, all I could do was hold my umbrella and just keep going. Rain dripped from the umbrella to my boots and pants and even my hair. My coat was only slightly wet. Luckily, I found a place to hide not long after. And with that, I failed to catch that train. I found a store with a small hall outside its doors, making it the perfect place to hide from rain for a while. I leaned back and decided to just enjoy the view. Just like view of a raging sea, the heavy rain calms me down when I'm outdoors but just looking at it, not walking under it. On the other hand, if I were to be at home, I'd feel totally depressed watching the rain fall. I wonder what make the difference. I had to take twenty minutes of my time to wait till the storm passed to give way to drizzle. Meanwhile, another passerby came and stayed for the same reason as me. We were silently watching the rain for a few minutes. Somehow, we managed to have a short and nice conversation. After the storm passed, we parted ways. It lifted my mood though. I thought about all the chance encounters one could have in a life, (in which I decided to count this one in) and felt incredibly happy.
Chance encounters are events I prize very much. It doesn't mean I have to remain friends or aquaintances to the person, at least, most of the times I don't bother with such. It just gives me another angle on the world, another view and a lot of inspiration. Today because of those scarce sentences we exchanged, I found myself with a very interesting light novel opening line and plot. How amazing is that? Such little things in life can make a lot of difference. Cheers! To life and to chance encounters under the rain.

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