30 March 2013

Under the sunshine

Wow, wow and wow. (Not world of warcraft, no.) It's because of today's weather. Yesterday it was heavy rain with wind and a pretty much greyish depressing day. But today, it's all clear and sunny and even warm. It's like going from winter to nearly summer over night. I went shopping today, like any girl would do. I don't like to spend money on unnecessary things, the reason I felt so bad for buying new shoes, again. I think I'm kinda turning into a spendthrift. If I was miserably poor and in need of budgeting to make ends meet, it would be a pretty bad thing. But given that I'm not, it's a good thing to buy stuff if it lightens the mood, even if it's unnecessary.
I have a good feeling today. I feel like I'm going to accomplish many things. Starting with organizing my notes. I know it's saturday, it's weekend, and what more it's even holidays! But, I have a lot of work to do and the rain wasn't really helping with the mood and motivation. It's paradoxal that in a rainy day, when I have to stay home, I just can't do anything of worth. I can only watch TV or read a novel. Then, on a sunny day, it's a good day to go out, and it's also a day that I feel like working. So, now decide between work and play. Mostly I'd choose to work, because I tend to waste too much time on greyish days for me to be able to afford going out. But today, I'm planning to do both. It's a bit hard, but maybe a bit more concentration and effort I'll be able to do both.
Hurray for the sunny days and let them stay for the next few days. (I should probably be searching for a way to not get so affected by the weather...)

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