8 April 2013

Artemis Fowl book series

Today, I found out that Eoin Colfer has finished writing Artemis Fowl books, quite a surprise for me. It's a bit late though, since the last book was release July last year.
I have to say Artemis Fowl books are like Harry Potter. I grew up with them. Harry Potter is known to many, Artemis Fowl books are not that famous, which doesn't mean they not as good.
I remember when I first read Artemis Fowl, it was the translated version of the first book, which they local editor named Artemis Fowl - the gold of fairies. It was quite an exciting reading. It starts with Artemis Fowl, as a juvenile criminal mastermind seeking the secrets of fairies from a land underneath our own. I was eleven and I loved the book. Not because of the fantasy background, not because it involved fairies and mythical creatures. I liked it because of the pace. It was exciting and the most of all, I loved the way the main character was the villain. Book for children usually take the perspective of a hero, be it a true hero personality or an antihero, but you would usually follow the events through the perspective of the good side.
As the book starts with a very amusing prologue roughly describing Artemis Fowl II, I find myself drawn to this character that in a normal situation would be hated (because he is the bad guy!) XD.
Now, I'm a college student, but I still read Artemis Fowl books. It's different now, but I still like them. They provide a very pleasant, relaxing and entertaining reading. Now that I found out Eoin Colfer is done with Artemis Fowl books, I have a feeling of loss. When I was bored, I would pick up an Artemis Fowl book and I would know it would be entertaining, even if it wasn't the first time I read it. Now, the only consolation I have is that I can re read the stories and still enjoy them and luckily their quality didn't walk a down slope. I'm glad this series didn't turn out like one of those long series that you can't seem to see its end and you get more and more of the same, without bringing much new stuff.

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