17 April 2013

Boston Marathon

America mourns, and so should all of us. The bombing incident has come to many's attention. It was more shocking than damaging, but still, lifes were taken and people were injured. We pay more attention when those tragic events happen to one of our own. In our country, in our world, the western, so called civilized world. It is shocking, true, scarying true too, but life still goes on. I quote someone else: ''If they keep you from living your life then they've won. They've taken your life away from you right there.''
Something else has come to my attention. "MUSLIMS in the US are watching closely as the investigation into the Boston bombings unfolds, fearing a backlash like after 9/11 if an Islamist link is confirmed to the deadly attack." Do we hate all muslims because one decided to go amock? How many american citizens were responsible for those shootings at schools? Do we hate all americans too? Why should other people, innocent people pay for the crimes of others? They might be just as related as you and me and someone I don't know. Preconception is a wrong way to see the facts.

Lives of innocent were taken. We should mourn that. But more than that, we should mourn all the bombings that killed innocent people that we are not aware of or that we see but ignore. Because it's none of our business, because it's not in our country, because those people are not related to me in any possible way.
We mourn, we remember and we should learn with those events. History repeats. It does, don't try to deny it, but it shouldn't. We are supposed to learn, develop and evolve. We move on. Life is too short. We should live on, with the knowledge and memory of the past, but also with hopes and faith for a better future.

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