5 April 2013

Hard times require and method change

Do you know the times when you find yourself out of time with a lot to do and a terrible headache to add to the loot? I'm like that right now. It's midnight and I'm in serious need of sleep and study. Not at the same time, that would be pretty difficult to do. The thing is, I've already realized I'm trying the insane job of putting too much on my plate. I'll eventually be able to do them all, but none of them will be finished with much quality I guess. So, now I need to set my priorities straight.
Setting priorities is important, it helps keeping track of what is needed and what is unnecessary. Right now, entertainment has fallen to the last of my list. Though is remains there, it's hard to act on it. Entertainment is way easier than having to study or work. So, most of the times, the tendency is to not study. But now, I can't afford it. If I postpone this little time of laziness, I'll be able to lazy around later. I once saw a cartoon picturing a kid sitting in front of a TV and a kid studying. The subtitle read: happiness today, happiness tomorrow. It is true. Working hard today is just an investment. A very good one actually because you know it is bound to bear some fruit. It may not be sweet, but it will bear fruit. Whereas if you invest in something else, it's a bit of a gamble.
For the first time, I feel like drinking coffee. Not to enjoy the smell and taste of it, but because I'm probably going to need it to keep me awake. I'm a defendant of efficiency. I'd rather sleep more and work less hours and more efficiently. But I find myself without those hours. I'm in need of more time at 100% concentration, and that only coffee or tea can help me. But there is always an upside to everything: I get to prevent Parkinson's disease! XD For anyone who'd care to know, google it! XD

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