26 May 2013

Hall of Fame (The Script feat. will.i.am)


Need no more words.

13 May 2013

Life ain't fair

Life isn't fair. Hell, tell me about it.
So what? Just learn to live with its unfairness and have a kick ass life.

12 May 2013

Don't be scared or impatient just because the road seems long and sinuous.
Our choices and actions in the present reflect our past and define our future.

Hall of Fame (Glee cover)

I hope everyone find this song as inspirational as I did.

7 May 2013

Achievement of the day

Today, I'm happy. Reason? I managed to repair a malfunctioning massage device. My mother uses a very simple portable massage device that has a vibratory function. In the middle of the morning, it stopped working, making a funny sound, like a blender. Little me likes to take things apart a lot, though I don't have many opportunities, since sometimes, taking apart something might make it stop working. So to be safe, I can only dismount things that are not working straight already.
I have a bit fun repairing the machine. It was quite simple actually. The difficult part was actually getting the screws off. They were too tight. Anyways. The problem was simply a magnet that went loose and decided to drop off the spindle. I had to turn the thing on and off to figure what was wrong and if I was putting everything to the right place, but it didn't take as long as taking the screws off. One hour past and I got it all fixed. It's not something to boast about, but it's one of those simple things in life that can make me a tiny bit proud of myself and happy.

6 May 2013


Here I find myself watching this movie yet again. This was the first Japanese movie I saw, it is one of the my favorites. It was heart-warming, cute, emotional, sad. I've watched it many times since that first time, and no matter how long it goes by, I still tear up every time I watch this movie. I believe that it marked and defined lives of many people.