7 May 2013

Achievement of the day

Today, I'm happy. Reason? I managed to repair a malfunctioning massage device. My mother uses a very simple portable massage device that has a vibratory function. In the middle of the morning, it stopped working, making a funny sound, like a blender. Little me likes to take things apart a lot, though I don't have many opportunities, since sometimes, taking apart something might make it stop working. So to be safe, I can only dismount things that are not working straight already.
I have a bit fun repairing the machine. It was quite simple actually. The difficult part was actually getting the screws off. They were too tight. Anyways. The problem was simply a magnet that went loose and decided to drop off the spindle. I had to turn the thing on and off to figure what was wrong and if I was putting everything to the right place, but it didn't take as long as taking the screws off. One hour past and I got it all fixed. It's not something to boast about, but it's one of those simple things in life that can make me a tiny bit proud of myself and happy.

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