14 June 2013

What are you afraid of?

"I wanted to do that but..."
What are you afraid of?! What is it that can make you not do something that you wished to do? What is stopping so many people from doing what they want? Eventually someone would say, I don't want to do anything. And if everybody did nothing, we would end. But, doing nothing may feel nice for a while, but it's also quite tedious. We are bound to do something. So what are all those concerns that keep people from doing what they want?
At the end of the road, there is only death waiting for us. That is now the most determined event one will know. Until the day we beat death (which is far far away if ever), death will be a warning for everyone to live their lives. Live, until you can't because no one knows when death will come and get you. Planning years ahead, some people do that, well, it may be a good thing to have perspective, but is also quite a waste of time. When you reach that time, things have already changed, and the plans will have to be remade. Best thing I've learned this last year? Plan a bit, be ready for change. Live one day at a time, take baby steps. One day, I'm sure I'll be glad I lived just one day at a time and not just a blurr of days and months spent in a hurry doing god knows what.
Go for it, what are you, what are we all afraid of?! Life is too short, and has too many things to experience. Quit being the undecided. "First, you decide, and then you follow through." Live with your choices, for better or worse, at least choices were made. Otherwise, we'd stay in the same place, not being able to move forward, much less going back.
I quote someone else, "Don't count the days, make the days count."

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