18 July 2013

New trends on screen

After the big waves of vampires, and zombies on big and small screens, and books, here comes another one. This one, is sci-fi, the genre previously reserved only for nerds and geeks. It seems more and more trendy to be geeky or nerdy. I confess, I'm quite nerdy myself, but never really thought about it.
Now, the number of science fiction TV series and movies are growing. Alien invasion has become pretty much the reigning them on screen.
I have to say that I like science fiction very much, though I like realistic and well grounded ones. Even though I like sci-fi, I find the constant release of new stories on the same theme a bit tiring. They don't bring that much innovation, just about the same concept and change the details. We are swarmed by so many storylines, yet among all of them lacks a really original one. Quantity over quality seems to be the motto of the current industry. True, no matter how bad how cliché, there will always be audience, be it by mistake or just a minority that actually loves it, but, eventually, with time, they will just become trash. Try it once and throw out. There will never be another vintage born like this.
No wonder how people talk about the old movies. They lack in image and sound quality and special effects, maybe, but many of them compensate on a good argument and storyline and good acting from the actors.
*sighs* Trends, there will always be trends. I just wish the massive competition would invest more on quality.

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