30 September 2013

Take a step back and search your mind

Last night I came across some very interesting questions. The original source was the Guardian. It listed the 20 big scientific questions to be answered in current research. I'm a girl of sciences. But, one can also regard these same question on another level. They would still be quite valid, and sometimes, equally hard to answer. Be it poetic or philosophic or just scientific. Some of these questions deserve us to spend time on.

What is the universe made of?
Where does life as we know it come from?
What makes us human?
What is conscience?
Why do we dream?
What is 'matter'?
One universe or several universes?
Where are the limits for artificial intelligence?
What is in the middle of a black hole?
Is there eternal youth?
Is there a way to leap through time?

We ask, we search, we strive to know more, do better. Once someone told me, it was not about having the right answers, but about how to ask the questions. And also, there is no such thing as a stupid question, there is only such thing as a not so bright answer.

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