11 November 2013

Jess' take on love and love songz

First of all, I'd like to state clearly that I've never seriously been in love with anyone, in the usual sense that it's used. That excludes all teenage crushes and all the hormones working like crazy.

Now, love. They say it can make you do crazy things. True. I won't deny it. Love is supposed to be a transcending feeling, something to celebrate. But, everything has to have a limit to it.
Let's look at the market. Music industry. I get that love songs make people relate to the lyrics and the tune, I get that love is worthy of being celebrated. But, so is friendship and many other untangible things.
Can you find songs about those? You need to dig and dig and dig some more to find one among so many... songs about love. Songs about love can be good. I like those songs, but at a certain point it gets too overwhelming. So overwhelming I do wonder more than once. Is there a song that is NOT a song about love?
One thing is to celebrate it. But overflowing the world market with those songs... It just makes love and the experience feel cheap and totally overrated. Now I kinda feel sick and totally don't want to fall in love (Just kidding, but I did feel like for a bit.)
I don't get the need for people to fit in to a certain trend. And by it I mean for instance, one makes a graphic music video, then there is two, then there is ten. And here I thought different was supposed to be good.

Just a piece of thought.

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