30 November 2013

Treasure the moments

Every now and then, some flashes cross my mind. Today, it was about friendship. It's the last day of lectures in my university course. My friends and I were taking photos excitedly after class. Seeing those photos made me think that one day, I'm going to miss this. Even though I have quite a history of not keeping in touch. So many people pass through my life. They come and go, all I keep is a memory of them. Maybe they won't think about me, but I think about them. I do wonder what they are doing.
Every meeting, every person, every moment of every day. Good or bad, they are all worth remembering. The good things are there, and will make you happy when you think about it. Sometimes, people say it's best if they forgot the bad things. True, but in my opinion, bad memories are also there to remind us. That was us, we survived that. And quoting someone, 'what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.'
Not every moment is special. But, every moment is one single dot in time and space that will never come back. (as far as I know, time machines don't exist. And even if they do, they exist on very strict conditions, as I was told by a house mate physicist.)
We live on and move forward. We collect those moments. Some may leave us indifferent, some may affect us, some may change us, and some may define us.
There are always more than just one way to see reality. Reality is some that exist, but we can never reach. All reality we perceive is altered by who we are. Every day can be just ordinary. True, I won't deny it. But there is also a way to find something different in an ordinary day. Friends are just people, memories and just neurons and connections and action potentials. True, not denying it. But there is also a less cold way to see it. It all depends on the person and his/her willingness.

Today is just an ordinary day. I had classes and I have to study for and exam. It's cold, but it's sunny, it's weekend but I'm not going home because there is an exam tomorrow.
Today's defining moment, last lecture on my undergraduate course.
One day, I might want to remember that. and many other ordinary days. extraordinary comes once in a lifetime, ordinary, builds a lifetime.

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