22 July 2014

thinking life over

Death is the only certain thing in life.
I don't remember who said it, nor would I care. It's true, for now.

The question is, what we do until then.
Do I just slip through peacefully and unnoticed? Do I live it like an everlasting party? Do I leave something of worth behind?
To quote a certain character, our lives are not measured in years we lived but in the lives we touched around us.

They say your entire life flashes over before you on the moment of your death. I don't know if it's true. But imagine if it was. I do wonder what kind of life will I see.

Right now, death is all too certain for one to be loitering around not doing anything. The world remembers only those who make their contributions to the world known. The memory of them, those are immortal, and that's the only way to leave a trail behind long after one's gone.
For now.
Let's chase after the light so one day we can become the light itself. Shine bright and make people remember.