4 November 2015

The life of a floating dandelion

Every once in a while I need to hypnotize myself with a motivational speech. It's been a while since the last one.
A dandelion is a plant that I particularly like. A dandelion is a discreet little thing, not luscious, not flashy, not fragrant, not particularly catchy to the eye. But I like what it represents, it represents the spirit of survival. The florets fly with the wind, free on air, dancing, leaving their home. It does not bow down for being as it is, it conquers. The florets may fly far away from the seed head that originated them, but touching suited ground, they will grow and prosper. They make themselves home in any place. That is strength.
It may be hard being pushed around in the wind, but without it, the great views on the journey would have been lost.

A rose is a greenhouse flower, needs to be groomed into flourishing beautifully. but it won't be able to leave the greenhouse and be at the mercy of wind and rain.
A dandelion calls the world home and blooms anywhere. It may not be as striking as a blood red rose, but it blooms into a beautiful flower too. A different beauty.

We have our own bubble, our own greenhouse. But the world outside is beautiful too. Venturing outside the comfort zone may not be bad at all. It brings more perspective, a different understanding, more acceptance and more diversity. The world is our home, if we want it. The possibilities are endless.
Go with the flow. Fly with the wind.
The world awaits.

10 July 2015

The Life We Want

Wake up in the morning, it's a new day. It might be a just like any other day, breakfast work lunch work home diner and sleep. It might also be unlike any other day, one meets different people, different things happen, different mood and the differences go on and on. The thing is, at a certain point we block out most of these things because of routine. Everyday routine, whether it's school or work. The thing is, if we enjoy the little things, the little differences in the routine, then everyday is not so bad. There are days when it's hard to get up and go out. But life is made of ups and downs. We just have to make the ups more than the downs.

Eventually, everyone dies. (At least for now that's true.) It might be in the very distant future, when one's just too old to remember these days. It might also be just a moment from now. So, one looks back at life up until that moment, what will one feel? Was it fun? Was it enjoyable? Was it worthwhile?

Living life to the fullest. Living life to our best.
Life is not made for waiting, though we always seem to be waiting for something. For the right time, for the right thing, for the right person. True. Chance encounters do happen, but only if we take a chance at it. Define your success. Define your goal in life and a little step at a time, go for it.
If your dream is to travel around the world, go for it. Tons of people do it with just a backpack and a pocket full of change.
If your dream is to build a house and a family of your own, start up. Tons of people build their own houses starting from ground, a brick at a time.
If your dream is to be famous, get started and make yourself noticed. All people start as an anonymous being.

Life is meant to be lived and loved. With everything going on, we tend to forget how life itself is a miracle. We are too small not to embrace our awesomeness.

With respect to other people of course. We do distinguish self and not self too much. Treat the world like an extension of ourselves, the world would be a better place. Treat other people like you treat yourself, treat the world like you treat yourself. (And hopefully we are not all sadomasochists.XD)

Cheers! Gonna find my next challenge. Peace out!


4 July 2015


19 June 2015

Life/Love is not that complex

It's in the little things that life is great. It's in the simple things that make wonders in life.
Love can be messy, complicated, paradoxal, but it is present the simple unexplainable straightforward small details.

LoveStories - Chapter One, Bo from Caroline Koning on Vimeo.

16 June 2015

Revise your values, Revise your life

Not that I agree with every point that follows. But, it's a really good few things to think about. Sometimes, we live our life too fast, too unaware. But WE are the lead in our life, how can we NOT take notice in our own life?

1. There is a single definition of success.
And it involves an established career, large house, acceptable body shape, marriage and annual holidays. Everyone has their own path to walk in this life, and what brings true meaning and deep fulfillment differs for all of us. Let go of your need to fit to the status quo. Live, work, date, play, create, travel, eat, drink, move, laugh and sing in ways that feel right with your soul. That is true success.

2. Life is meant to be hard work.
Life is meant to be easy, beautiful and overflowing with moments of joy and bliss. The more you listen to your soul and build a life that's true to you, the more your actions will feel completely natural and effortless. If life is a constant struggle, you're running on empty and you dread Mondays, it's time to take an honest look at your life -- in a loving way.

3. Life happens to us.
Where you are now is a result of the choices you made in the past. Where you will be in the future is a result of the choices you are making right now. You are an active participant in the creation of your life. So embrace your power as a creator, and start choosing thoughts, words and actions that make a positive impact and will come back to you in a million magnificent, beautiful, jaw-dropping ways. 

4. There is such a thing as normal, and we should measure ourselves against it.
There is no such thing as a normal human, but there is such a thing as a "normal" you -- where you're completely yourself, you love yourself deeply and you think and act in ways that feel aligned with your soul. Let your internal compass be your only point of reference.

5. There is an "us" and a "them."
We draw a line around our social and family circles, keeping out everyone who doesn't fit neatly within our definition of normal, interesting or worthwhile. While everyone has vastly different aptitudes, passions and quirks, everyone also has the same light within them. The light within you is the same light within me, within the stranger on the bus, and within anyone you consider your enemy. 

6. We have to compete for limited resources.
Life is meant to be abundant and limitless. We create scarcity by believing in it, instead of focusing our efforts on creating, giving and contributing our gift to help humankind reach its highest potential. Relax and feel it deep within your heart that you will always be provided for.

7. Happiness comes from external things.
We pin our happiness on external things like our appearance, bank balance, job title, travel plans, possessions and the opinions of others -- and then suffer as a result. True, sustainable happiness comes from within -- by cultivating a mindset based on gratitude, mindfulness and acceptance. 

8. Holding grudges is a natural part of life.
When we feel that someone has "wronged" us, we cling to the memory and carry it around with us for weeks or sometimes years. What we fail to realize is that we are holding ourselves hostage, not just the perceived wrong-doer. The Buddha once said, "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." Make forgiveness your new motto and see how much freer and lighter your soul feels.

9. There is something wrong with us.
We are plagued by feelings of inadequateness and worthlessness, postponing self-acceptance and self-love until a day in the future when we're thinner, wealthier, more confident and more popular. You are perfect and complete exactly as you are. Even when you are striving to improve and grow, you are complete. As the Buddhist saying goes, "We are all perfect as we are, and we could all use a little work."

10. It matters what other people think of us.
We give away so much of our energy, power and inner peace by worrying about what others think of us. The truth is we can't ever know for certain what other people are thinking about us. So when your ego starts to fill you with doubt and fear, remember it's a fictional story.

11. We see things how they really are.
How we experience the world is heavily influenced by our beliefs and past experiences. Our subconscious mind chooses pieces of information to serve to our conscious mind based on what we've programmed it to look for. Identify your dominant beliefs and replace the ones that aren't serving you. 

12. Meditation is something people do on a cushion at sunrise.
You can meditate and be mindful all throughout the day as you go about your life. Pause and feel the weight of your body in your seat, the feeling of the fabric against your skin, and the slight sensation of the air on your face. Take a few deep breaths and let your whole being relax. Scan your body up and down for sensations, simply observing, without making any judgments. 

13. When we give something, we lose something.
Giving and receiving are one in truth. When you give to someone with no strings attached -- whether it be a physical gift, a compliment or your time -- you are nourished as well as the receiver. Not only do you experience sensations of satisfaction and joy, but your karma will bring more blessings and gifts back into your life. 

14. We have to logically figure everything out.
We've been taught to trust our minds but not our intuition or inner voice of guidance. When you're grappling with a problem or lacking clarity, learn to lean into your soul and trust the wisdom it provides to you -- often in the form of a gut feeling, serendipitous sign or a spontaneous "aha!" moment. 

15. We need to be more realistic.
Many people think that daily happiness and joy is an unrealistic goal, and we should be more realistic. Happiness is THE ultimate goal of our lives, and it is both worthwhile and attainable. Understand your purpose is to blossom into the highest, happiest version of you and let go of any guilt you feel for making your happiness a priority. 


1 June 2015


14 May 2015





13 May 2015

断桥离情 姚贝娜







6 May 2015

Depression as a state of mind

I often feel depressed during a rainy day.
This monday was such a day. I felt sleepy and had no energy to work all day long. People usually don't feel guilty when they feel depressed. I talk for myself, I can feel depressed for a variety of reasons. Because the weather is greyish, because of stress at work, because I could accomplish something, specially if it's because I quit halfway.
But today, I felt guilty for feeling depressed. You see, when people have a certain level of comfort in life, instead of being satisfied with it, people want more. I don't have to live of scraps, I don't have to struggle to make it through, I don't have to fight to survive in the literal way. There are tons of people with less than what I have, so if I let myself be depressed, were the other people like me they would have just died of depression already. There is absolutely no reason for me to feel depressed, and as such I should feel guilty and ashamed that I let myself get depressed over so little. (I'm not talking about clinical depression over here. Though, sometimes clinical depression starts with episodes of transient depressive mind state.)
I read the news, most days, but some if not all just leaves me indifferent. Then again, I stumbled on a piece about Aleppo today. It hit me like a slap on the face. Peace is something we take too lightly. Do I even feel grateful that I can commute in peace? Not everyday, but today I feel grateful. Because I realized once again how peace is not easily attained. Most days, the biggest danger I'm in is a potential traffic accident. But for those people in Aleppo? Nah... Imagine yourself as a kid, that instead of thinking about what game you'll play next, you'll be thinking about where you step and where you go so you don't get caught in the middle of war. We watch it in movies and we even consider it entertainment. They, they LIVE it. I've heard too many people brush it off saying that it's far away. It's NOT far away, we were just lucky to be born were war is no longer a reality or has yet to be a reality. We should be feeling lucky, and not depressed.
Sometimes it can't be helped to feel a bit down, but thinking about all the people not so far from us living under such dire conditions puts everything in perspective. Even in war there are peaceful times and even in places so trashed by war there are smiles. So if they can still smile after all the violence, cruelty and atrocities, shouldn't we be smiling every single day?
Get up, get out and do something! Every single person who has the resources to read this has every single reason to be satisfied and not depressed.

11 January 2015

Back to life

It's been a long and busy journey. I have to say, 2014 went by in a flash. I barely registered it going by. Internship, Erasmus programme, some traveling, more internship and finally, graduation.
After five long years, I have to say, graduation was long overdue. Though it feels good to have graduated, it also feels something else. I had fear. Fear of not finding a job, fear of not doing anything like so many university graduates nowadays. But, lucky me, I got an offer only a week after graduation. Of course I accepted it, but it's only temporary while I try to figure out exactly what road I want to keep walking.

Meanwhile, 2015 has come. I stumbled on this article, credits all to the writer, Mark Manson. (Read full article here.) It really made me stop and think for the first time after I got my job. We all have a limited time walking this Earth, we don't think about it, we are mostly in denial, but it doesn't change the fact that it is true. So, what do we do with our time?
Current world is, let's say, at a turning point. "The world has gone mad." is something I've been hearing more often than I want to. But, the thing is, we make the so called "world" so, does that mean that we have gone mad? People have been asking themselves, what has gone wrong with the world. How about we ask ourselves what changed about the world and what have not changed about us. There are things worth thinking about other than what to wear the next day or what TV show to watch or watch to buy in a shop. All actions have impact, we just usually don't think too much about it.

Are we here to adapt to the world? Or are we here to change the world?
Life is not just about ourselves, but also about what we bring to the world.