11 January 2015

Back to life

It's been a long and busy journey. I have to say, 2014 went by in a flash. I barely registered it going by. Internship, Erasmus programme, some traveling, more internship and finally, graduation.
After five long years, I have to say, graduation was long overdue. Though it feels good to have graduated, it also feels something else. I had fear. Fear of not finding a job, fear of not doing anything like so many university graduates nowadays. But, lucky me, I got an offer only a week after graduation. Of course I accepted it, but it's only temporary while I try to figure out exactly what road I want to keep walking.

Meanwhile, 2015 has come. I stumbled on this article, credits all to the writer, Mark Manson. (Read full article here.) It really made me stop and think for the first time after I got my job. We all have a limited time walking this Earth, we don't think about it, we are mostly in denial, but it doesn't change the fact that it is true. So, what do we do with our time?
Current world is, let's say, at a turning point. "The world has gone mad." is something I've been hearing more often than I want to. But, the thing is, we make the so called "world" so, does that mean that we have gone mad? People have been asking themselves, what has gone wrong with the world. How about we ask ourselves what changed about the world and what have not changed about us. There are things worth thinking about other than what to wear the next day or what TV show to watch or watch to buy in a shop. All actions have impact, we just usually don't think too much about it.

Are we here to adapt to the world? Or are we here to change the world?
Life is not just about ourselves, but also about what we bring to the world.

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