6 May 2015

Depression as a state of mind

I often feel depressed during a rainy day.
This monday was such a day. I felt sleepy and had no energy to work all day long. People usually don't feel guilty when they feel depressed. I talk for myself, I can feel depressed for a variety of reasons. Because the weather is greyish, because of stress at work, because I could accomplish something, specially if it's because I quit halfway.
But today, I felt guilty for feeling depressed. You see, when people have a certain level of comfort in life, instead of being satisfied with it, people want more. I don't have to live of scraps, I don't have to struggle to make it through, I don't have to fight to survive in the literal way. There are tons of people with less than what I have, so if I let myself be depressed, were the other people like me they would have just died of depression already. There is absolutely no reason for me to feel depressed, and as such I should feel guilty and ashamed that I let myself get depressed over so little. (I'm not talking about clinical depression over here. Though, sometimes clinical depression starts with episodes of transient depressive mind state.)
I read the news, most days, but some if not all just leaves me indifferent. Then again, I stumbled on a piece about Aleppo today. It hit me like a slap on the face. Peace is something we take too lightly. Do I even feel grateful that I can commute in peace? Not everyday, but today I feel grateful. Because I realized once again how peace is not easily attained. Most days, the biggest danger I'm in is a potential traffic accident. But for those people in Aleppo? Nah... Imagine yourself as a kid, that instead of thinking about what game you'll play next, you'll be thinking about where you step and where you go so you don't get caught in the middle of war. We watch it in movies and we even consider it entertainment. They, they LIVE it. I've heard too many people brush it off saying that it's far away. It's NOT far away, we were just lucky to be born were war is no longer a reality or has yet to be a reality. We should be feeling lucky, and not depressed.
Sometimes it can't be helped to feel a bit down, but thinking about all the people not so far from us living under such dire conditions puts everything in perspective. Even in war there are peaceful times and even in places so trashed by war there are smiles. So if they can still smile after all the violence, cruelty and atrocities, shouldn't we be smiling every single day?
Get up, get out and do something! Every single person who has the resources to read this has every single reason to be satisfied and not depressed.

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