10 July 2015

The Life We Want

Wake up in the morning, it's a new day. It might be a just like any other day, breakfast work lunch work home diner and sleep. It might also be unlike any other day, one meets different people, different things happen, different mood and the differences go on and on. The thing is, at a certain point we block out most of these things because of routine. Everyday routine, whether it's school or work. The thing is, if we enjoy the little things, the little differences in the routine, then everyday is not so bad. There are days when it's hard to get up and go out. But life is made of ups and downs. We just have to make the ups more than the downs.

Eventually, everyone dies. (At least for now that's true.) It might be in the very distant future, when one's just too old to remember these days. It might also be just a moment from now. So, one looks back at life up until that moment, what will one feel? Was it fun? Was it enjoyable? Was it worthwhile?

Living life to the fullest. Living life to our best.
Life is not made for waiting, though we always seem to be waiting for something. For the right time, for the right thing, for the right person. True. Chance encounters do happen, but only if we take a chance at it. Define your success. Define your goal in life and a little step at a time, go for it.
If your dream is to travel around the world, go for it. Tons of people do it with just a backpack and a pocket full of change.
If your dream is to build a house and a family of your own, start up. Tons of people build their own houses starting from ground, a brick at a time.
If your dream is to be famous, get started and make yourself noticed. All people start as an anonymous being.

Life is meant to be lived and loved. With everything going on, we tend to forget how life itself is a miracle. We are too small not to embrace our awesomeness.

With respect to other people of course. We do distinguish self and not self too much. Treat the world like an extension of ourselves, the world would be a better place. Treat other people like you treat yourself, treat the world like you treat yourself. (And hopefully we are not all sadomasochists.XD)

Cheers! Gonna find my next challenge. Peace out!


4 July 2015