4 November 2015

The life of a floating dandelion

Every once in a while I need to hypnotize myself with a motivational speech. It's been a while since the last one.
A dandelion is a plant that I particularly like. A dandelion is a discreet little thing, not luscious, not flashy, not fragrant, not particularly catchy to the eye. But I like what it represents, it represents the spirit of survival. The florets fly with the wind, free on air, dancing, leaving their home. It does not bow down for being as it is, it conquers. The florets may fly far away from the seed head that originated them, but touching suited ground, they will grow and prosper. They make themselves home in any place. That is strength.
It may be hard being pushed around in the wind, but without it, the great views on the journey would have been lost.

A rose is a greenhouse flower, needs to be groomed into flourishing beautifully. but it won't be able to leave the greenhouse and be at the mercy of wind and rain.
A dandelion calls the world home and blooms anywhere. It may not be as striking as a blood red rose, but it blooms into a beautiful flower too. A different beauty.

We have our own bubble, our own greenhouse. But the world outside is beautiful too. Venturing outside the comfort zone may not be bad at all. It brings more perspective, a different understanding, more acceptance and more diversity. The world is our home, if we want it. The possibilities are endless.
Go with the flow. Fly with the wind.
The world awaits.

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