7 January 2016

What ifs

Today was particularly good day. I had a very interesting conversation regarding history, actuality, politics and world affairs.
Everything has more than one side to it. Today was the proof. The colonization of the American continent and Africa by western civilization... What if it didn't happen, how would the world be today? What if it was colonized in a different way?
Our standards reflect the world we were raised in. Our opinions reflect our upbringing.
What if the dominant culture nowadays is not the western one? What if the crusades never happened?
This is a what if bus worth thinking.
There are a lot more. It is always worth thinking from the other side. If we want develop, we have to be willing to understand first. Not everyone has to go through the same path. There is no correct path. Something that has worked for one does not have to work for another. Variety is what is supposed to characterize the world, but we seem very keen on making it the same everywhere. We want industrialization for everyone in the same way, we want everyone to think alike. We want everyone to look alike. Do we really?? Unconsciously, or consciously we've been doing that.

What if the Russia was the dominant power? What if the beauty standard was how fat you are (please exclude morbid obesity from this, that's a disease)? What if democracy is still the way it was in Ancient Greece? What if the common calender was not the Gregorian calendar?

There are many things that could be different, but we have chosen the paths in the past, and now we are stuck here. The world could be better, it also could be worse, but we seem to always go back to the same every single time. And very single time we upgrade it. Every time it escalates. We seem to have short memory, for we keep making the same mistakes.
people say history is cyclical, but why? Can't we just grow up and learn from our lessons? Is it our nature?
what if a foreign impartial sentient being came to Earth and saw our history through an impartial scope? Would they praise us for our endeavours, conquers and achievements or would they reproach us for our selfdestructiveness and damage to our home?

Let the what ifs fly.