30 March 2017

How did we come to think like that?

Global inequality is a current issue that we cannot deny. Recently I've just read that income levels in Africa have been dropping relative to the rest of the world, meaning that Africa as a whole is getting relatively poorer. How is this happening?
Many of Africa's natural resources were long ago taken by colonial forces, leaving little agricultural and mineral wealth. This is true for most of the colonized land. So, lucky are the ones that have not suffered colonization. But how did it happen? How did we come to think that we can exploit other people? How did we come to think that we can usurp all the resources leaving little to nothing behind?
I once read about a study where the found out that our default was not being selfish, but rather help other people out. So how did this default turn into greed? and selfishness beyond measure?
I refuse to believe that this inequality we are seeing is natural, it can't be. How did we come to this?

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