5 March 2017

We are who we are

I once heard someone say that we are lucky, because there is nothing else to describe it. We are lucky simply because we happened to be born in the right side of the world. To those like me, who were born, raised and live in the first world, as they call it, and to myself sometime in the future. Stop, and be grateful of your luck, even for just a second. We don't get to choose when we are going to come to this world, or where, or to whom. So, if you believe in a higher power, thank that, if not, thank the complete randomness of the world that put you where you are.
There is this motivational thing I used to hear. That you can be whoever you want to be. I used to think how we can reach our goals if we worked hard enough towards them. I used to think that people who were mediocre just weren't working hard enough. But, I realized now that I was wrong. True, you can try your best to achieve a goal or not. True, you are bound to do better if you work harder, but the world is not equal to all. The same amount of effort won't bring about the same opportunities and chances to everyone. There are people that have to work that much harder to get lesser opportunities. And there are people who have to give up some of those opportunities because of certain circumstances in life.
Our achievements are not only our own. Let's not deny all our efforts, but we should not ignore other factors that were at play for our success. Maybe, we were born with better genetics, with a predisposition for whatever we were trying to achieve. Maybe, we had an excellent upbringing, better than some or even better than most. Maybe, we had a better environment to live in. Maybe we didn't have to worry about our survival while doing our best to reach our goals. We are all the sum of ourselves and the people and circumstances around us. We are never the sole responsible for our successes.

Our mundane life is just like that, mundane. And in our mundane worries we abstract from everything that is not immediately close to us. But, the thing is, pure luck makes it not immediately close to us. Pure luck could have made us be born in a war zone, where our worries would be not what to do for the essay tomorrow or what to wear, but whether I'll survive until tomorrow. Yes, we can't help it. We are far away from that, thank heavens, thank god, thank whoever you want for that.
No, we actually can help.
We can't help everyone, but we can help those we can. If only more people can think and act like that. It's one thing to talk about it (yes, I'm writing about it.) another to actually do something about it. We need more action.
I did hear people say that history repeats itself. I didn't believe it really back then, now that I know a bit more, see a bit more, I get it. It does repeat itself. That just means we keep making the same mistakes, over and over again. The details change, but the underlying problem is still there. Is it human nature to keep perpetuating this cycle?

We stand at a turning point of our history, where exactly do we want to be headed?

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