27 April 2017

The World at unrest

Is it me that's more aware of what's happening around the world or is the world actually going mad? Do we as humanity have such a short memory? Did we forget about the hate speeches and propaganda that preceeded WWII? Why does history repeat itself? I think I can't even count anymore the times I've asked this question. Have we not learned ANYTHING at all?
(Disclaimer: The text below states only my personal opinion. Everyone is entitled to one, no one has to agree with me. Just putting my thought out.)
US elections. In my opinion, between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, like a Portuguese saying, let the Devil come and choose. The US made their choice, they want something fresh, different, WAY... different. Let's see what different leads them and the world into. I see turbulent times ahead.

UK referendum, Brexit. I honestly don't know what to make of it. It felt like the UK made the smart decision of being the first to abandon a sinking ship, but, leaking is not sinking, and maybe EU can still be saved. Therefore, the UK would be branded the traitors that didn't ditched when things got tough. Good or bad, they needed change, and change they have it. I see unsettled times ahead.

Islamic caliphate. Empires rise and fall, and this one has most definitely been on the minds of many people. Recently read that foreign fighters that joined the caliphate are perhaps trying to leave, shrinking their forces. I think that in modern days, any empire that relies strictly on military won't last too long. Their political structure from what I perceive from tids and bits from the news is faulty at best. The shrinking forces and the fighters leaving the caliphate may be good or bad, only time will tell. I see unstable and violent times ahead.

Dutch elections. Somehow, the dutch people seemed to prefer someone not extremist. From my stand point, I congratulate the dutch people for this choice. I congratulate them for choosing inclusion and integration instead of hate and discrimination. Thank you for enlightening my days and giving us a sliver of hope among difficult times.

French elections. Another one that wants to shake things up. Are things so bad that they want to take a chance at it getting worse? Because what goes for people goes for countries too, if you treat someone with caution and suspicion, it's a self fullfilling prophecy that they will not feel welcome and will not cooperate. Hostility generates hostility. Between Le Pen and Macron, I don't know who is going to shake things more. For me, it's not about who best serves the people's interests but who is less likely to be a bad choice. I see anxious times ahead.

Venezuela. When you start shouting, you stop listening. Sometimes dissonant voices are an obstacle to moving forward, but then again, if you drown everything different opinion there is, what is the difference between that and a dictatorship? One may hand the democratic flag but still be a dictatorship. If there is no compromise, there is no negotiation, if there is no negotiation there will be no peace. That is why extreme idealist are considered dangerous, because ideals can't be negotiated. I see warring times ahead.

Occupied territorries of Palestine and Israel. This one is definitely not new, and it sure feels like it's been going on for forever. Do they even know what they are fighting for anymore? Religion, is something I'll never understand as reason for war. We are not in the middle ages anymore, trying to convert people through force? I don't think that works. I honestly don't have an opinion on how to end it, but I sure would like to see an end to it. I can't help but feel sorry for both parties, maybe they both had reasons to fight for their land, but I'm pretty sure they lost any reason the moment cruelty surfaced. Celebrate diversity, that's about the only thing I can say. I see helpless times ahead.

North Korea. If someone had the illusion that the military that defends a country will suddenly stop developing the most powerful weapon it can possibly get, I think it's time to wake up. Just because there is a treaty. doesn't mean countries don't have them nukes hidden somewhere. Just because there isn't one now doesn't mean it can't be built if the technology exists. The thing about North Korea is, they have to have the ability to build one even if they don't use it. I'm not justifying whatever that is happening but the reasoning behind it actually makes sense. If suddenly the treaty would be gone, for whatever reason, the countries holding the power would be the ones with capability of building a nuke. Doesn't mean they have to launch it, I think just the threat of being able to build one is quite enough, no? It's all about power play, it's always been, right? Pressuring North Korea to stop the nuke program is like telling an obstinate child that they is not allowed to eat candy. The more you try, the more determined they are going to be. After all, what do they say? The forbidden fruit tastes sweeter. I see agitated times ahead.

That's about all that comes to my mind now. But, do I need to name more? These are restless times, we stand at crossroads, but we ahve yet to decide where to go. Where Do we go from here?

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