7 April 2017

The World War III - maybe we are looking at it

I've come to realize that the World War III has already began. Actually I think it already began some time ago, I just wasn't paying enough attention to realize that. The World is at war, and the stage is Syria/ISIL and surrounding areas. In the western so called developped countries, sometimes, news about war and terror reach us. Sometimes, it shocks us, sometimes we brush it off as something far away. I mean, commoners, lay people like me. I think I'm not the only one alienated from what's really happening, what we probably should be aware that really is happening.
There is just no way I'll believe that the conflict in Syria is just a civil war. Why, why has that territory been drowning in war? That is the place where one of the most ancient civilizations was born, that is Mesopotamia, why a place so rich both in land, culture and natural resources has been at war. Throughout history, as far as I know, this place has never been too long at peace, if ever. We are supposed to thrive in such a place, so why do we keep tearing it down?
There is no way a civil war would escalate so something this big, this extreme. Resorting to the use of Chemical weapons, why would someone resort to that unless there is no other effective way? You don't use a chemical weapon knowing that the world will turn against you unless, you got no other choice, or you got some kind of knowledge that no serious retaliation is going to happen. Right now, how far are we from using Biological and Atomical weapons?
Retaliation happened, fast. But then again, let me quote Gundam "Kill because someone got killed, and being killed because you killed. Would that really bring about true peace in the end?" Retaliation is not the answer unless you beat the other party to the ground. But then that's violent imposition of your will and that's no different from what you are supposed to be fighting against. Instead of mediating and moderating the conflict it just...adds...fuel.
Of all the power houses of the world, is there any that is not vested in this so called Syrian Civil War?? Argue, warn, threaten, attack, because this is not your land. Because the stage is somewhere other than the homeland of those who attack. Would you airstrike your own territory?!?!
Some criticise Russia's position as standing on the worng side of history... Excuse me but history is being written and whoever wins in the end stand on the right side of history. That has always been the way history was written. In this war, every single participant is to blame. Is there even a right side??! Attack as a show of power to both your allies and enemies. Maybe both sides just stopped listening and started shouting to each other.
Thank you, world, thanks to the aggregate of undecisive standing on this matter, attacks lacking in force, determination, sound justification and consistency, interests other than the well being of Syrian population among others, we are tearing down the birth place of civilization.

What is the norm? Do we really stand on moral high ground like we think we do? Violence in the name of peace. That is the flag we condemn our enemies for carrying. But this is the same flag we carry. We fail to see our faults, whereas all we see in our enemy are their faults. This is not the way.
Let me quote Gundam again, "History is much like an endless waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever." Have we not learned anything?
Communicating, negotiating, compromising. Can we not do that? Can we not reason with people? Our truth isn't always THE truth. We often overlook things that don't even come to mind, and are overlooked precisely because of that.
All the military actions seem to do is inflame and escalate this conflict. Are we really working to expand this conflict beyond Syria? Because it looks a lot like it.

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