8 June 2017

Africa is not poor

When most people think about Africa in a westernized stereotype, about how it is a poor place and there are lots of people that live in misery, how they need our help to survive. It's an arrogant and boasting atitude. I recently read an interesting article, it says "Africa is not poor, we are stealing its wealth."
"With few exceptions, countries with abundant mineral wealth experience poorer democracy, weaker economic growth, and worse development."
"Aid is tiny, and the very least it can do, if spent well, is to return some of Africa's looted wealth. We should see it both as a form of reparations and redistribution, just as the tax system allows us to redistribute wealth from the richest to the poorest within individual societies. The same should be expected from the global "society".

To even begin to embark on such an ambitious programme, we must change the way we talk and think about Africa. It's not about making people feel guilty, but correctly diagnosing a problem in order to provide a solution. We are not, currently, "helping" Africa. Africa is rich. Let's stop making it poorer."

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