2 June 2017

Double standards

Starting off topic, I have to say I'm starting to hate reading morning news. All it does is get me irritated for the day. It does make me think too, though.
This morning what led me to my ramble is the US pulling out of the Paris climate change deal. I won't brag and say I saw it coming, but those kind of stuff has always been something incomprehensible to me. I mean, the climate change deal and the non-proliferation treaty. For both, the starting point is valid, and I completely agree. However, I can't see how it would be kept without anyone breaking it. If you believe all those trading information about the climate change deal, about loaning/lending/selling/buying CO2 quota, how can you believe that this deal was going to work??
Same goes for nuclear non-proliferation treaty, how can you believe that in an all out war that treaty is going to work?

Today, my topic is double standards. What I mean is, that you have a moral or other kind of standard for yourself or who you represent, and another set of standards for someone who is not yourself, who is even your enemy. So when you do a certain thing, it is justifiable and the right thing to do, but when someone else does the same thing, it is not? That specially goes for something that is potentially damaging to the subject.
US now is going to pull out of the climate change deal, for whatever reason, that I don't even want to know, I'm pretty sure they feel it's justified. But, if it was the other way around, if the US wanted to stay in the deal, and some other country wanted to pull out, I'm pretty sure they would condemn that country, on whatever moral grounds they think they have.
US criticizes North Korea a lot. Not saying if it's justified or not. (I don't agree or disagree, still trying to form an informed opinion on the matter.) But for once, I think the US capable of backing out of the treaty. I think they are capable of find a reason and feed themselves the thought that they hold moral high ground on that. Doesn't mean it is going to happen, but if it does, I wouldn't be surprised.

It's hard to be as hard on yourself as you are on other people. Criticizing others is always easier. The thing is, we often don't look at ourselves under the same scope. I hate it, but it is a fact that most people hold double standards. We are fast to judge, slow to understand and forgive. It is unfair to put double standards, but sometimes we do it anyway because we don't hold all the circumstances in our knowledge, and because no one wants to be criticized. Criticism is not bad, it is constructive if being given after informed evaluation. We should all think about what we would do under the exact same circumstances.

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