9 June 2017


Every time I look up I see something different.
Yesterday, I saw a bright white moon. In the dark night, the clear moon hang there. I stared it long enough to make myself sleepy. The night was calm. A refreshing breeze would lift my hair from time to time.
When I look up to the sky, I feel small. I feel like a tiny piece that belongs to this world. Though small, I feel that I could make the difference.
The skies are broad, it covers a lot of ground. It's the same sky for you, me and all others. But it's not the same sky for some? Why?

We live under the same sky, yet, why are our differences more important than our similarities?
I try to reach for the sky, it's so far away yet so close at the same time. We crave connection, but we are connected to everything, we just don't seem to realize it. We fight to belong, yet we do belong, although we don't seem to feel it.

I stared at the sky so long it started to discolour and distort. But it's still the same sky. What is different is the way we see it. After all, nothing is ever the same through the eyes of two different people, and yet, it is ultimately the same in essence, we just don't grasp it, I guess.

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