6 July 2017

I feel like I just woke up to a slap on my face. What sparked my reflections were this article below:
China is giving Trump a lesson in how to handle Kim Jong-un

Finally someone agrees with me on double standards!! But this is not what I'm to write about.
Reading the article and through the hundreds of comments, I've learned quite a bit around the perceptions of other people.
I've once written about how maybe we are staring at the World War III, but suddenly I found myself rethinking my notion of war. Suddenly, I feel like, really the war has never ended.
I can't pinpoint causes or reasons, I'm not an analyst in this field, not even close. But ideological differences may have been at the starting point, however, along the way, the interests of each party hold more weight than ideology.
Fundamentally, we believe in democracy (or at least I think most of us do), but, democracy doesn't mean it has to present itself the way it is now in western countries. The democratic system is flawed in many if not all. Then we look at systems that look different from our so called democracy, and we name it different, but in practice is it really different? What are the outcomes?
Are we fighting for fundamental differences in ideologies or are we fighting for the appearance of difference in systems that are fundamentally similar?
Also, are we so blind that we can't accept that something that isn't our own is better that what we have? Maybe not better all way round, but in some aspects.
The war never ended. We just don't see it happening. It took a different form, does mean it's not there. We don't point guns directly at each other all around the world, but other things kill people too. Like money, trade is a tool but a weapon too. The pen is mightier than the sword... You might actually see it is true. Have you see any recent politician brandishing swords or guns? Now, do their policies affect peoples lives? If you say no, let me remind you with two words: Travel Ban.

Conflict is part of life. But does it have to escalate?
I'm suddenly sad. I thought we progressed in that area. But I see we only managed to be smarter at concealing it.

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